Mafss Online Tabarruk Kitchen

With the objective of Women Empowerment & (Paak o Taahir) Tabarruk during Lockdown in Mumbai, We started Online Tabarruk Kitchen.


Mafss Online Noha Academy

Since 2013, We are teaching Noha & Marsiya recitation as well as providing almost all the possible support to Marsiya & Noha Khwans


Mafss Digital Marketing Training

We are currently working with India's best Online Digital Marketing Training providers, and reserved 50 seats for Shia Students and Shia Small Business Entrepreneurs


Why Digital Marketing Training

During Covid Crisis the world is digitalizing, and so are businesses. Everything in this world is just a click away. Customers are looking for brands that can keep up with this digital change and provide them with digital solutions. Read More

Mafss Online Noha Academy

We are providing Marsiya Khwani & Noha Khwani Training, As well as teaching basics of Shaaeri. Shukr e Maula (as) other than India, Now we are providing same training to worldwide students by Video Conferencing.

Online Tabarruk Kitchen & Delivery

Due to COVID Issue it was difficult for Momeneen to decide tabarrukaat for distribution after Majalis, Alhumdolillah we started Tabarruk kitchen with Shia Women Cooks, Tabarruk Delivery Chain by Shia Women, & Shia Packing Material Provider.